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Airi, Congratulations on Graduation!


晴れ 26℃


LEPPAVAARA (Photo: Laurea University of Applied Sciences)

11202114_10153406949421410_4737641347878842231_n   (Photo: Laurea University of Applied Sciences)

2015.06.16 Laurea University of Applied Sciences Airi Laurea University

First of all I would like to thank you, Elise, for supporting Airi to carry on through tough times.
Many thanks go to my parents Sasaki’s and Morita’s, without you she would nothave made it.
And also thanks A-chan & Chidu-chan.
Oh! We can not vorget Antti, Kiitos Antti and Kiitos Antti’s familiy.

愛ちゃん おめでとう! 頑張ったね!

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